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Jason is frequently invited as a keynote speaker at global events, summits, and conferences. Topics have included sustainable design, green buildings and cities, vertical cities, vertical urban theory, zero carbon development, waterborne communities and the environmental properties of greenery within the urban habitat. He is also an invited guest lecturer at leading academic institutions in Europe, The Middle East, and Asia. A selection of recent events:

Tech Hour

Sustainability - An Integral Part of Everything We Do (2022)

Dell Tech hour 29 jun22-9462.jpg

Designing for the Future of Our Plannet (2022)

greater may 26 17-1657.JPG

Green Leadership: Putting Process before Product (2022)


Building Back Better a Net Zero World (2022)


Six Ideas to Shape the Future of Cities (2021)


Dialogue 1: Urbanization, Culture and Innovation (2020)

Image from iOS (51).jpg

Virtual panel discussion - Cities of Opportunities: ASEAN hosted by Jason Pomeroy, with Maria Vassilakou, Deputy Mayor of Vienna and Tim Stonor Managing Director, Space Syntax (2020)

KPMG_Connect Virtual Cities Conference.J

Exploring Efficient Design: Sustainable Innovations from Leading Global Architects and Designers (2020)

Sustainable Building, Transformative Use

Innovation: The Way to Sustainable Cities (2019)


Maybank Invest Asia

Six Ideas to Shape Our Cities (2019)


Prefabricating Green: Exploring Ways to Bring Environmental Sensitivity and Smart Design to Prefabricated Buildings (2013 & 2016)

The Skycourt and Skygarden:
Understanding the Future of City Through The ‘Burger’ Theory (2013, 2014, 2015)

Climate Change: Opening Pandora’s Box (2015)

Going Green, Going Vertical: The Tropical City of the Future (2014)

Assessing Commercial Viability When Investing in Emerging Markets:
Opportunities vs. Challenges (2013)

Distil, Design, Disseminate (2012)

ULI Singapore
WUF 10
Brit GREAT Lecture
Vertical Cities
World Architecture Festival
Knowledge Summit
Tall Buildings Asia
A Greater Beginning
Digital Ecological
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