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Smart Cities 2.0, produced by Very!, airs on Channel NewsAsia on the 4th March 2017 at 8:30 PM, and features: 


Episode 1 | Songdo, South Korea
Episode 2 | Higashimatsushima, Japan
Episode 3 | Bandung, Indonesia
Episode 4 | Singapore
Episode 5 | Ahmedabad, India
Episode 6 | Barcelona, Spain
Episode 7 | Shenzhen, China
Episode 8 | Amsterdam, Netherlands


The weekly 8-part TV series will explore some of the world's most reknown smart cities, and how they combine technology, culture, history and tradition to make them smarter and more efficient. The diversity of the cities covered in Smart Cities 2.0 is deliberate, and allows Pomeroy to reinforce and debunk many of the current perceptions that surround Smart Cities. Pomeroy interviews personalities who have had a role in shaping their respective cities, including architects, city planners and academics. 

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