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Moving | Jetting You from A to B

The Economist and Pictet (2018)

National Geographic TV Asia |
City of the Future: Singapore

The full documentary of "City of the Future: Singapore" on National Geographic (2018)

RICS Smart Buildings Conference 2018 |
"Smart" Development in Asia Cities

A Panel discussion about "Smart" Development in Asia Cities at the REDAS-RICS Smart Buildings Conference, held in Singapore. (2018)

CNN Indonesia | Save up by Constructing Environmentally-Friendly Buildings

Combining both traditional and modern design can help to save the cost of buildings or houses. (2018)

Prestige | LG Signature Special: Jason Pomeroy on What Good Design is

To the green architect and TV personality, good design means smart, efficient design – right down to the products we use for the home. (2017)

Prestige | Father's Day Special: Jason Pomeroy with Daughter Yasmin

The award-winning architect shares how he juggles fatherhood and work. (2016)

PRC Magazine | Better Living with Sustainable Design

Emcee Jason Pomeroy opens with 'Surface 2 Sky 2 Sea' talk. (2016)

August Man | Rules of Design 

Watch Jason Pomeroy explain what it takes to come up with a
winning design. (2016)

MNC Business Channel | Ebuzz with Jason Pomeroy

Erwin Surya Brata hosts an exclusive interview to discuss urbanisation. (2016)

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