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Jason is regularly asked to moderate at panel discussions, global events and conferences. He is adept at guiding debate and moving conversations forward through a range of topics, while remaining impartial and ensuring the speakers are kept in the foreground. His expertise in sustainable design and interests in Climate Change and the green agenda has made him a popular host. A selection of recent events:

Zak World of Facade
Shell Powering Progress Together
Knowledge is GREAT
Build 4 Asia
Design Green 2014
New Cities Summit 2015

 View from the Top with Helen Wong, Group CEO of OCBC Bank (2021)

The 'For Abu Dhabi' Initiative: Peer Review Panel (2020)

Image from iOS (51).jpg

Tech Disruptors: Solutions that are Transforming the Way We Build, to the Way We Live (2019)


PANEL DISCUSSION: Façade Engineering Matrix for Desired Project Delivery Targets (2018)

Zak World of Facade.Jpg

PRC Magazine Networking Forum | Better Living with Sustainable Design (2014 & 2016)

POG: Pod Off-Grid | Explorations of Low Energy Waterborne Communities (2016)

The Skycourts & Skygardens: Greening the Urban Habitat (2014)

Seizing the Urban Moment: Cities at the Heart of Growth and Development (2015)

10th WUF
Sibos 2021
GREAT British Week

Shaping the Future  |  Inside the Creative Mind (2015)

International Green Building Conference

Build Green: Lead, Engage & Sustain (2014)

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