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Prof. Pomeroy’s expertise in the field of sustainable design, and in particular his research interests in ‘zero energy development’, ‘greening the urban habitat’ and ‘a vertical urban theory’, has resulted in a number of book chapter contributions in research journals and books. He has also been invited to write forewords as well as compose reviews of publications. A selection of recent articles: 



Curiocities: Where Complex Cities Meet Curious Minds, World Scientific: Singapore (2023)

What happens when complex cities meet curious minds? Starting with this simple question, Curiocities explores the work of 10 personalities whose careers have taken them places and introduced them to diverse peoples and practices.

Curiocities Book Banner_edited.jpg

To All The Cities I Love | Jason Pomeroy

Research for Architectural Practice

Research for Architectural Practice, Routledge: New York (2021)

Pomeroy Studio is discussed as a small practice case study in this book. "This book provides a clear guide for practitioners looking to establish or already conducting research projects in a practice context and graduate students looking to support their studies and role within practice.

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Making the case for research in practice

The Monocle Travel Guide Series

Singapore (2016)

Monocle ―the magazine that covers urbanism and city design like no other ―knows about the hidden gems in all the great cities. It also knows where to take an ambassador for breakfast, an on-the-go business partner for a late-night cocktail, or where to get an astute concierge at ungodly hours. Its deep understanding of cities, and all they have to offer, has now been compiled in The Monocle Travel Guide Series.

Green Walls in High-Rise Buildings

Green Walls in High-Rise Buildings:
An output of the CTBUH Sustainability Working Group, The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd (2014)

“For centuries, green walls have been used in building construction to shade building walls and atriums, to shield buildings from wind, and to cultivate agricultural plants.  The original concept of vertical vegetation, including a wide use of green walls, can be traced to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Kohler 2008), one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, dating from between 600 to 800 B.C.”

Gramercy Residences  |  Makati, Philippines

Tall Building Reference Guide

The Tall Building Reference Book, Routledge: New York. (2012)

The ability to provide a balance between the open space of sky courts and sky gardens with the built up area of the tall building object challenges the conventional 20th century tall building approach of self-same repetition in favour of a more hybridist form."

Internal Environment and Planning

Singapore Exposed

Singapore | Insights from the Inside, Ethos Books: Singapore (2012)

"The urban vocabulary of the street and square, as well as the ground-scraping/subterranean social-spaces of the mall, the void deck and MRT system, are now being increasingly lifted to loftier heights in order to cater for physical and social growth, and to address the depletion of social space through heightened densification." 

Sky (court)s the Limit: Designing a Sustainable Future in Singapore

Green Walls
Tall Building Reference Guide
Singapore Exposed
Research for Architectural Practic
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