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‘HABITAT’ is a series of short videos hosted by Jason Pomeroy. The videos cover various themes surrounding the built environment, from the effects of rural to urban migration, congestion and pollution, to techniques and strategies that make our cities more liveable and sustainable. Given the importance of cities to our daily lives, Pomeroy will blend the expertise of an architect with the clarity of a TV presenter, allowing viewers to understand the pertinent issues, and solutions, facing city dwellers today and in the future.

HABITAT Episode 7 |
Mobility @ BSD City, Indonesia (2019)

HABITAT Episode 6 |
Culture @ BSD City, Indonesia (2019)

HABITAT Episode 5 |
Innovation @ BSD City, Indonesia (2019)

HABITAT Episode 4 |

Water Water Everywhere, Nor a Drop to Build on

HABITAT Episode 3 |

Greening the City: Its Environmental Benefits

HABITAT Episode 2 |

Globalization and the Culture of Place

HABITAT Episode 1 |

The Birth of Alternative Social Spaces

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